SEO Tips Reloaded

March 3rd, 2009

Uh, lots of time has passed since my last post to this blog. I wanted this blog to be another social internet marketing make money online I write about everything and nothing blog and well, I found my luck in other niches other markets and I just didn’t have the time and power to give this blog what it takes to make a successful blog of that kind.

But I had some luck (and knowledge lol) with my other sites and today I can pretty much say that I basically know what it takes to rank a website and how to optimize it right. So I will slowly dust off this blog and turn in into a blog about something I know – a blog about SEO tips and nothing else.

I have to make some changes to the template to better serve this purpose and I need to go through my old posts to see which ones are still up to date and relevant and which ones are outdated so I can put the good ones in the lightspot and store the rest into the archives.

So check back or smthing… and if you decide to link to me, please use seo tips as anchor :).